Generational divides drive social use

It’s impossible not to notice social media in today’s culture. Consider that Facebook, consistently the most popular social media platform, has 1.13 BILLION active users PER DAY. That’s a statistic that’s really hard to fathom, especially when you consider that the company, founded in 2004, is barely more than a decade old. Yet social media […]

October 14, 2016
Smart and social: trends in key agricultural audiences’ media use

Audiences are the Garfunkel to messaging’s Simon: No better harmony exists than a message aptly delivered to the right receiver. To prevent tone-deafness and understand the trends in how key agricultural audiences use media outlets, Bader Rutter launched the now biennial Future of Communications Audience Insights Study (FOC) in 2010. What started as a means […]

September 23, 2016
Bader Rutter’s homecoming

I was honored to serve as panelist last week for the Milwaukee Business Journal’s Downtown Milwaukee Renaissance luncheon. The focus of the luncheon, and the answer I so frequently gave the moderators, was that downtown Milwaukee offers an energy that’s good for business. Multiple businesses are relocating their headquarters to the center of the city […]

September 22, 2016
Food and beverage marketers: answer these questions to grow your business

Top takeaways from the Bader Rutter food and beverage trade show trek The Bader Rutter food and beverage marketing team had more on our summer to-do lists than visiting the Dane County Farmers’ Market and Chicago Food Truck Fest. Our food and beverage trade show trek started in March and ended in July, with stops […]

September 9, 2016
How seven key staffers demonstrate the business case for engaging employees

Sometimes, fairy tales do come true. Or, rather, moments of truth can be gleaned from fairy tales. Seven princess’ assistants who whistle while they work, despite an onerous queen and a seemingly unsolvable coma on the horizon, have taught us a thing or two about employee engagement. Kevin Kruse, Forbes contributor and New York Times […]

August 30, 2016
Engaging employees: Internal branding pays dividends

In today’s new economics of service, it’s critically important to unite employees within an organization so they are pulling in the right direction and consistently communicating and behaving in line with the organization’s brand strategy. Why? Employee interactions create value for customers and deliver the brand promise. And because long-term business success depends on providing […]

August 11, 2016
Marketers face unique opportunities with GMO Food Labeling Act

On Friday, President Obama signed into law H.R. 1599, the Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act of 2015, which legislates a federal standard for foods that have been made with genetically modified ingredients. State and local labeling requirements for foods containing GMOs are pre-empted by the Act, including Vermont’s labeling law implemented in July of […]

August 4, 2016
Strategies to increase market share in an economic downturn: Part 1

Most markets are cyclical. What goes up does come down. A downturn may seem like a marketer’s worst nightmare. But in fact, this can be your time to shine. In the first of a two-part series, learn five ways to grow share and increase margins, even when the outlook seems bleakest. When a market hits […]

July 12, 2016
From the Farm to the Agency: National Dairy Month

We continue Bader Rutter’s From the Farm to the Agency video and content series with a National Dairy Month spotlight, where I outline how my experiences on my family’s dairy operation help me add value to the work I do for our clients. Like many of my BR colleagues, I’m on the farm when not […]

June 20, 2016
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